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Sexual Health services in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin


Sexual Health services in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin


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Latest Service Information

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Bishton Court Clinic Now Open On Wednesdays

Our sexual health clinic at Bishton Court is now open on Wednesdays. Find clinic opening times and other clinic information on the Bishton Court webpage.

Aged 18 and under and live in Telford & Wrekin? Please take our quick survey about walk-in clinics, to help make our service better for you.


Mirena IUS Now Licenced For 8 Years

The Mirena IUS (a type of hormonal coil) is now licensed for 8 years for contraception purposes.

For patients who have a Mirena already, this means that it can remain in place, and be effective, for 8 years from the fitting date. We will from now be refitting Mirenas around the 8 year date.

If a Mirena has been fitted for control of bleeding, part of HRT, or treatment for any other gynaecological problem, this does NOT apply.

The new advice does NOT apply to other IUS brands or types.

Please note that we only fit/remove coils  for contraceptive purposes.

Please call your local team to book a consultation for more information.


Important service information

Accessing services – Appointments will be booked according to your initial clinical assessment; this means you may not get an appointment on the same day you call. A staff member will advise you on accessing the required service. This may be through our walk-in service, an online STI testing kit (ages 16+), a telephone or booked clinic appointment.

Booked appointments – Appointments can be booked online, or by calling 0808 178 0955 (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Telford & Wrekin) or 0300 404 2996 (Shropshire). Please arrive 10 minutes BEFORE your appointment time. You may have to be re-booked if you have not arrived by your designated appointment time.

No children in clinic – Due to the nature of our services, it is not always appropriate for children to be present during your visit. If you bring children with you, we may not be able to see you for your appointment. If you are unable to attend the clinic without your children, please contact our team and see if this is something we are able to accommodate.

Phone lines – Please be aware that our phone lines are very busy and there may be a delay in answering your call. If your call is not urgent, you may have a shorter wait if you call in the afternoon, when our phone lines are quieter.

Abuse towards staff is not tolerated – Aggressive, violent and threatening behaviour towards NHS staff or other service users will not be tolerated. Individuals behaving violently towards staff or other service users will be reported to the police.

Free STI testing kits from Staffordshire pharmacies

If you’re aged 18 or over and live in Staffordshire, you may be able to pick up a free self-taken test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea from your local pharmacy.

Please call the pharmacy in advance, to ensure there is stock, and the appropriate member of staff is present to provide it.


Online STI Testing Kits

If you’re aged 16+ you can order a free STI testing kit online. Find out more about this on our Online Testing page. If you’re under 16, please call us on one of the numbers above for advice on our services.